A picture is worth a thousand words.

With the expARience Augmented Reality App you can produce an expansive, colorful and animated  world of content just by the use of one single image. Simple and straightforward, at least for you.
As we already have the fully developed expARience app, all you need to do is to apply it and make use of it – in exchange for small money.

How it works

Wether the picture is a printed image, a painted artwork or even a building – for the  expARience it does not matter. But just try it for yourself:

Step 1: Download APP Apple Download APP Android.

Step 2: Now scan the image with expARience.

Step 3: And because that was so much fun, watch it just once more. Or read up!

More precisely:
You choose the images or motives that should be scanned with our Augmented Reality App. And together with us you define the entire information universe, that is being revealed behind the selected motive. Videos, blue prints, background stories and much much more –  the possibilities are sheer endless. It’s your turn!

Three cheers for print 2.0 print

Print is not dead. Print lives. More than ever. With expARience we make print media truly interactive. Yes we know, everybody knows QR-Codes and other linkages, and neither are pretty nor straightforward. It’s all water under the bridge. We take it a step further. With expARience you scan the photo of your favorite wine and instantaneously get served decanting tips and recipe suggestions. Or you print a job offer in the print media and attach an information video with your apprentice campaign. Anything is possible! For the ones that were still too lazy to download the App – here’s the video the ‚oldschool‘ way.

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100% user-friendly

No: It doesn’t depend on the size (almost). Augmented Reality contents can be displayed everywhere – on small spaces as well as expansive ones. The app is very well suited for businesses and users with extended communication needs.
A product video, an application video, a picture gallery – no matter the amount of additional information, you can fit it all behind a single product image. Especially in print media this will become more and more important – paper is patient, but it is also becoming more expensive. Paired with an online shop you can conveniently add the product to the shopping cart and checkout. Thanks to the Analytics Tools there are also statistics and wasted coverage can be reduced. 


expARience conventional or white-label.

expARience is also available as a white label solution. You buy the fully tested and developed App and simply brand it with your own logo and corporate design or with the ones of you clients and take  the design entirely into your own hands.
We help where we can help, when needed. expARience is available since December 2020 in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore in DE and EN. Needless to say, we constantly improve the development of the App and have also applied our knowledge and experience in providing for large customers, global players as well as small business for now nearly 30 years. We also welcome your valuable inputs, any time. And if you are in need of something the app does not support as this point – let’s talk about it!

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App Downloads
Five Star Bewertungen

expARience – simply secure!

Who sees what? By the use of differential login data you can have various user groups see more or less, respectively, specifically tailored contents.  You do the bidding. So do we!
We obtain our own server structure and there is no data flow to or through the United States. Through our „Pay-by-Size“ pricing model we can accommodate you in terms of price, and you can cancel the cooperation any time on a monthly basis. You can also cancel after a predetermined time frame. Happens very rarely though!


von Einzel-, Kleinst- und Kleinunternehmen genutzt.40%
bei Großkonzernen im weltweiten Einsatz.50%
als Produkterkennung und -beschreibung in Verwendung.10%

Auf was warten Sie?

Sagen Sie hello@como.at und fragen Sie ein unverbindliches Angebot an und machen Sie Ihre Printwerbung oder Ihr Magazin digital.

expARience pricing

We offer fair and transparent prices, in relation to the amount of space taken up on the server and the necessary expenditure of support. 

There is (virtually) no business that can not afford expARience. One more reason to not miss out on it! Even the White Label solution comes at an unbeatable price, as you are profiting from an already fully developed and continuously improving app. Find out more directly from Gerd: gerd.komaromy@exparience.at

Setup fee
€ 99,-one-time
  • Setup of an individual client account for your AR elements. This is a one-time charge, regardless of the amount of printed materials you are intending to digitalise in the future. There is a vast client benefit as you can extend your product by a multitude of exciting interactive Contents.
  • The subscription fee of € 9,90 (net) or € 99 per year (net) can be cancelled on a monthly basis.
from € 50,-for 3 month
  • This price applies to each individual foto or one minute video. Resolution up to 720p maximum, no upper limit as to the amount of images or the length of the video. Contents are online for 3 month. Renewal based on your needs. Your data is safe with us. Our server is located in Austria and there is no US data exchange.

What are you waiting for?

Say hello@como.at and request a non-binding offer to make your print advertisement or magazine digital.